Training Check In – Week 2

Well, that started well didn’t it? As you may recall in my last post I pledged to post a training update each week during my preparation for Ironman Lanzarote 2017. You may not recall seeing one last week…because I failed – in week one! The refrain of multiple teachers rings in my ears… Could try

New Challenges. Training Update.

So….this happened: Yep, seven months away, I will attempt one of the hardest Ironman races on the planet. Crazy winds, 2551m of climbing, I can’t wait! Once again, I’m sure it’s all the fault of my awesome tri-buddy Kay! She convinced me that this was a good idea by regaling me with stories of the

Challenge Penticton

  The next week was Challenge Penticton a full iron and half iron distance tri on the old Ironman Canada course. I had been asked if I would complete the swim portion as part of a half relay team whose swimmer had had an unexpected wedding to attend. Kay had signed up for the full distance solo,

2015 Sprint Triathlons. Kalrats, Kelowna Apple, Cultus Lake.

Apologies for my tardiness, this post really belongs about 5 months ago. I’ve had it knocking around in draft format for too long! Time for a recap. As I have become fitter and more experienced I can now stand at the start of a sprint, knowing that I can complete the distance…. Don’t get me