Milo’s Snowy Spin Adventure

Milo the road bike woke up. As he looked outside his heart sank. He had to get across town for a morning spin class. But as he looked out across the yard, he saw snowflakes fluttering down settling into soft waves on the grass.


This was a problem. Unlike Grant the cross bike, Milo’s tyres were thin and slick and he knew he wouldn’t be able to get any traction on the road. There was nothing for it, he would have to take the bus!

He slipped and slid his way over to the bus stop and waited.


When the bus arrived, he positioned himself on the rack on the front. He was a little scared; he had never done his before, but the rack held him tight. He whizzed along the road, faster than he had ever gone before. The snow blowing between his spokes, and the wind whistling in his aerobars.


The ride was all too short and presently the bus slowed and pulled up to a stop. Milo jumped off. He looked left and right. He shivered. He had never come into town this way before and he wasn’t sure which way to go. He wandered around.


Was he lost?!

Finally, he saw some tracks in the snow. Another bike had been along here, and recently!


He followed the tracks, skating along the road.

At last. He had made it!


Kelowna Kinesiology, the location of the spin class.

He went inside, his friend Bella Bianchi was already there, covered in snow too.


He shook off the snow and ice and climbed onto his trainer ready for class.


Milo loves to spin. He thoroughly enjoyed the class, practicing the cadence drills which would stand him in good stead for the upcoming season of racing. The class was followed by a short yoga-stretch to round out the workout.

Tired now, Milo heads home for a well deserved rest.



If you would like to join Milo to spin, the classes take place at Kelowna Kinesiology by Orthoquest on Richter, 9am Saturdays.

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